Cycle Diaries Vol 2: Education Is Empowerment

Cycle Diaries Vol 2: Education Is Empowerment

25th October 2021

As a young black woman, navigating natural health I have now come to learn the beautiful phases which I flow through monthly. It’s certainly a rollercoaster. 

I’ve always struggled with painful periods and IBS, but it was only two years ago that it became a full-time commitment. There were a few key moments that caused me to delve into what I now know to be Cycle Syncing/Cycle Care. One of them being my mum’s cancer diagnosis. It was a wake up call but she is the living testimony of how nature and faith can support through unknown circumstances. The other was my marriage. I didn’t want to continue suffering month after month, and the possibility of having children would also be considered. So I started educating myself in natural health. 

Educating one’s self is by far the most empowering act we can do in support of our wellness. We can’t seek to heal what we don’t know or feel. So I bought books, watched health talks, and sought help from a medical herbalist which is very important when dealing with severe issues. I was relieved to find that alternative professional help is out there. In my research I saw that our bodies are made up of systems, and those systems rely on key functions that happen in rhythms. If for any reason these rhythms become disrupted, it has a knock-on effect for many other systems, and you’d be surprised how much of these are connected. 

I’m learning that the four phases of the hormonal cycle are not to be ignored. They are the baseline for true wellness because, like the moon, we go through stages, which require different support each time. Cycle Syncing, spoken in detail by many women’s health specialists like Alissa Viti in her book ‘In The Flo’, is the act of eating, exercising, socialising and caring for yourself in accordance with what phase of your cycle you are in. Our hormones are not linear, so it would make sense that what we eat, how we move and our interactions would change too. Another amazing resource is Dr Aviva Romm MD herself, she says ‘body literacy is the first step to hormone intelligence’ and I have seen that to be true so far. I am also studying her recent book Hormone Intelligence.

If you want to learn cycle care, I would first understand what your body is doing on a monthly basis, track/chart your cycle and that will help you take the next steps to supporting your wellness in a cyclical way. The reason Cycle Care/Cycle Syncing is so important, is because many women in health and wellness are being misinterpreted, silenced and ignored, especially women of colour. We owe it to ourselves to learn the science of ourselves and truly live well. 

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