FEWE Crew: An interview with Charli Howard

FEWE Crew: An interview with Charli Howard

21st September 2021

We chat to Charli Howard, a model, author and body activist on why confidence starts from understanding your body from the inside out…

Why did you decide to become involved with FEWE?

I've always had problems with my periods and always felt frustrated with my skin and why it was acting up some days, then looked amazing on others. It wasn't until I started doing my own research that I realised that your cycle is something that affects your body and skin the ENTIRE month - not just one week. I loved how FEWE aimed to empower people and understand their bodies better, especially at a time when periods are still a bit of a "taboo" subject. There's something really powerful about understanding yourself better.

What sets FEWE apart from other self care and/or period brands?

Not only is the packaging gorgeous (and doesn't scream "MENSTRUAL CYCLES!!!"), but FEWE caters to anyone who has a period the entire month. One week your skin might be oily; another very dry; another irritated, and their products help you feel your best each week along the way. While our bodies are all of course unique, a lot of our body chemistry is the same, and their skincare supports that.

Why do you think self care is important and what are the key self care rituals you follow?

I think women and nonbinary people can feel somewhat guilty for putting themselves first a lot of the time, and there really isn't anything selfish about taking care of your body. When it comes to self-care, it's the little things that count. As I mentioned, I love CBD and how it makes me feel. I've struggled with anxiety in the past and it really calms me down - I'll mix a spoonful of it in my tea. I love candles and have so many dotted around my flat.

How do/ does hormones and your cycle most affect you each month and what do you do to prevent it?

Because my periods can be problematic, I've really had to understand my cycle better in order to know what will make my symptoms less triggering. I found that reducing sugar REALLY helped my periods be less painful, not to mention made my skin ten times better and PMS symptoms less. I always broke out badly before my period and now I might only get one spot, instead of them all along my jawline. I think we all get somewhat cranky when we're PMSing, but going 90% sugar free changed everything for me.

Which FEWE products do you love and how have you found using FEWE has benefitted your own cycle?

A lot of the FEWE products contain CBD which I love. I've been using/eating CBD for about three years now and it's a miracle worker. It's really helped my cramps and mood in general. The CBD-infused Calm Balm is great to rub on your wrists to help relax, but I also rub a bit of it under my nose when I'm feeling a bit stressed. I've told absolutely everyone about the CBD Thirst Trap facial serum - it really is one of a kind, feels so soft and just sinks into your skin when your skin is dry and PMSing. During my period or just before, I love using the cherry-flavoured mouth spray which has chamomile in it and helps calms you down (also it tastes really yummy!). 

What steps can people take to feel most confident in their own skin and with recurring symptoms during their cycles?

The first step to confidence is understanding your body from the inside out. I really recommend everyone download a period tracker onto their phones so that you can start tracking their cycles and recurring symptoms. The moment I learnt when I ovulated, for example, it helped me understand my mood better, or understand why I'd broken out all of a sudden. Your skin is a real reflection of what's happening inside of you. Also, it will help you know when to use the appropriate FEWE products for that particular week and for what purpose!

Why do you think understanding your hormones and your body is so important?

Understanding your body properly gives you control and a respect for yourself that you didn't know you had. You know when to be less harsh on yourself or to take care of yourself better. Talking about menstrual cycles used to be so taboo, but the more we take control of our autonomy, the more powerful we'll become.

What are your top skincare tips?

Sometimes simple is best. You don't need to spend hundreds on products in the hope they'll turn you into a supermodel, either. Learn about your skin and personalise a routine that works for you. It's about trying and testing products to see what suits you!