FEWE Crew: An interview with Kenny Ethan Jones

FEWE Crew: An interview with Kenny Ethan Jones

21st September 2021

Kenny Ethan Jones is a model, activist and entrepreneur. His activism is focused on; menstruation, body politics, mental health and intimacy. We sat with Kenny on trans representation in the menstrual cycle industry and what self care means to him.

What sets FEWE apart from other self care and/or menstrual care brands?


For me it’s the focus on the full cycle and the combination of science. There is so much emphasis on our “on” days that we’ve forgotten to pay attention to the rest. I believe FEWE brings us a step closer to understanding our bodies and I’m fully here for that kind of self empowerment.


Why did you decide to become involved with FEWE?


A few reasons; I view FEWE as a forward thinking brand, that’s inclusive, that cares about people's relationship with their body and is really invested in creating products that make people’s lives better


How do you feel about current trans representation in the period care industry?


I can only answer this question indirectly as it’s not simple, it’s linked to other factors. The truth is, there isn’t much. Lots of companies have adopted gender inclusive language (especially those who were born in the social media era) but it seems that that is as far as they will go. They won’t hire us for mainstream campaigns, or create products that are actually built for us, they just re-adjust their marketing and expect pre-created products to work. In my role as a consultant the most common conversation I have with period companies is addressing their fear of losing customers (women) for being inclusive of trans people. Until brands learn to stay strong in their beliefs and values, in this case, inclusivity. Over profit and unfounded criticism there will never be true inclusivity.


Secondly, another problem I see is that more and more brands are attempting to incorporate science into their products to help limigatize and sell their creations. But the problem is, Trans bodies are heavily under researched so actually including us becomes a challenge when the foundation of your brand/product is science and data.


How do you feel the cycle care industry could improve with trans and non-binary folks in mind?


Pay for research/surveys to be done. Create a product/service for us based on your findings and not on assumptions


How do you feel about ‘self-care’ and how do you carry out self care for yourself?


I believe self-care is very individual and requires self discovery to get right. I normally start my day by asking the question: How do I need to take care of myself today? Sometimes it means incorporating a nap into my day because my insomnia won last night. Having a deep soak because my muscles are sore from the gym. Scheduling multiple times in the day to decompress because I’m being very active both mentally and physically. And one that I’m still working on, carving out time to be with my loved ones even if I don’t feel like it (normally because I’m exhausted but I know it will be good for me).


Which are your favourite FEWE products and why?


Get up and glow is my favourite without a doubt. It’s such a good balance of texture - which I find hard to find. My skin feels moisturised not just on the surface but in my pores too.


What is your advice for trans people that feel negatively towards their cycle?


I know this isn’t the ideal situation but unfortunately, this is the card you were handed. Seek out resources that make you feel seen and valid. Find ways to take care of yourself that feel comfortable to you. Try to time it so you can spend time where you feel comfortable when on your period. Find one friend you can talk to about it.


Why do you think understanding your hormones and your body is so important?


For me it’s about what makes the most sense and is conducive to a better life. Understanding your hormones/body allows you to be more empowered and build your life not only in a way that you are intune with yourself, but your intuneness (if that’s a word) can work in your favour. There are times during your period that you are more likely to be in pain, so I’ll plan to stay at home and have pain medicine on stand by. There are times in which you will be more creative, so I plan to create at that time, and so one.


Understanding your body is the new level up, To get yourself on a path to a more authentic and in sync life.