FEWE Crew: skin & your cycle with Dr Ewoma Ukeleghe

FEWE Crew: skin & your cycle with Dr Ewoma Ukeleghe

22nd September 2021

Skin & your cycle: The changes you experience with your skin at each phase and how to optimise it

The key changes to skin throughout one's whole cycle and the lack of education/knowledge in this area. 

Amongst many other things, our cycle has a huge impact on our skin. As well as affecting your period, your hormones also impact our energy levels, state of mind, sex drive and weight, so listening to your body and mood is hugely important. We know that hormones have a huge influence on our skin, so a little preparation and implementing a few key ingredients can go a long way in maintaining good skin health. 

Even though it’s widely known that our monthly period often brings with it stomach cramps, mood swings and the dreaded breakouts, there seems to be little knowledge and education around just how much of an impact our cycle has on our complexion. 

To understand our skin, we ideally need to understand our cycles. Whilst our ovarian cycle is split into the follicular phase and the luteal phase, our uterine cycle consists of the Menstruation Week 1, Preparation Week 2, Ovulation Week 3 and Premenstrual Week 4. 

In our menstruation week; the uterus lining is shed, along with blood and other no-longer needed materials produced by the fertility process. During this time, your brain becomes more susceptible to pain and hypersensitivity. As well as this, your skin starts to become more sensitive, so when you have your period look for simple, nourishing skincare free from any fragrances. 

Your skin is also likely to feel more dry during the first few days of your cycle due to low hormone production. Introduce soothing, hydrating formulas into your routine to ensure your skin is sufficiently hydrated and soothed. This is where FEWE’s Thirst Trap Moisture and Radiance CBD face serum comes in; it’s spiked with hydrating hyaluronic acid, soothing Aloe Vera and anti-inflammatory CBD so it’s particularly good at treating the dry, inflamed skin you experience at the beginning of your cycle. 

In the preparation week, follicle stimulating hormone is released by the pituitary gland signalling ovaries to prepare for releasing an egg; during this time our skin glows, our hair shines and we feel at our most confident, even our pain threshold is higher. 

After your period, Estrogen production starts again, stimulating cell turnover and allowing our skin to rebalance and glow. This means that it's a good time to focus on gently exfoliating your skin during this phase to prevent clogged pores. Vitamin C is a wonder ingredient to introduce into your routine, as your skin is clear and calm, the vitamin c will work to boost radiance and add glow. FEWE’s Get Up and Glow is enriched with hydrating CBD and Vitamin C to help boost natural glow and soothe at the same time. 

Week 3 is known as our ovulating period; when our luteinising hormone and oestrogen levels are at their highest an egg is released, they then dip and progesterone rises. You’ll experience a higher sex drive, an increased appetite and feel generally great. 

When you go into this week, your energy levels are high and you’re at your most fertile; this is when you should start thinking about preventative skin care because the third week of your cycle is when oestrogen drops, progesterone and testosterone surge and skin becomes more oily and pores become clogged. Introduce salicylic acid to remove excess oil and exfoliate inside the pores and masks loaded with AHA’s to get rid of excess skin cells. At this phase, it’s time to introduce FEWE’s Seeking Clarity; this cleansing and de-clogging face serum is designed to clear out pores and get rid of oil build up. Packed with CBD and pro Vitamin B5 to soften and nourish, it works to reduce excess sebum too. 

In our premenstrual week, we stop producing luteinizing hormones and follicles stimulate hormones and our progesterone levels peak. We get a burst of testosterone and oestrogen just before bleeding. During this time, we experience a lower mood, shorter patience, deeper sleep and other premenstrual symptoms such as headaches, cramps, breast pain and fluid retention. Hormonal acne is more likely to strike at this time, before your period starts, so use this time to seek out blemish-busting formulas. Enter Spot the Difference, enriched with CBD and salicylic acid, it reduces oil, redness and breakouts.