How do hormones affect my sleep?

How do hormones affect my sleep?

5th September 2021

We commission some research and found that only 51% of people think that hormones impact their sleep patterns, but our ability to get a good night’s rest is strongly linked to the hormone fluctuations that our body is experiencing. 

Read on to find out what to do if your sleep hasn’t been quite right.

Help! I’m struggling to fall asleep

Been tossing and turning at night? During your Flow phase, as your period takes place, you might struggle to fall asleep. Low levels of oestrogen and progesterone coupled with period pain might have you lying up awake for a while. The good news is that this is completely normal – we’ve all been there.

To help you get a good night’s rest, make sure that you’re taking enough time before bed to wind down. It could be anything for you – running a hot bath, journaling, or just reading a book. It's so important to make time to relax properly. Caffeine and blue light can also disrupt your ability to fall asleep, so make sure you focus on reducing those when you’re in your Flow phase.

Still struggling? Our Dream a Little Dream adaptogen oral spray is rich in melatonin and can help lull you into rest – and remember, it’s just a phase. 

I can’t seem to stay asleep

Finding yourself staring at the ceiling all night? Right after the release of an egg, your oestrogen and LH (luteinizing hormone) drop which leads to those all-too-familiar PMS symptoms – cramping, aches and pains, and headaches. These symptoms differ between people, but for some they might lead to difficulties staying asleep once your head hits the pillow.

This is also the time when your body needs rest the most, so disrupted sleep can be super frustrating.  Try not to go on your phone if you wake up in the night – the dopamine hit of social media and the blue light from your screen will only make you more awake. 

My sleep has been super great lately 

Sleeping super deeply and don’t know why? As oestrogen and progesterone rise in your body during the Transform phase, you’re likely to experience deeper and higher quality sleep and wake up feeling more rested than ever. Enjoy your heightened sleep quality and have a lie in. 

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