How do I look after my vulva?

How do I look after my vulva?

5th September 2021

Firstly, where is your vulva?

Don’t worry if you’re not quite sure – lots of people don’t know the technical terminology for everything down there. Your vulva is everything around your vaginal opening, and it includes your clitoris, labia minora (the flaps of skin closest to your vaginal opening), the labia majora (the flaps of skin on the outside), and the skin closest to your vaginal opening. 

Basically, it’s everything except the part of your vagina that goes inside your body – if you reach your hand down there, most of what you feel is part of your vulva. 

Many people have experienced irritation and discomfort around their vulva, but not many people know that how your vulva feels can directly correlate with your cycle. 

Around your Transform phase, when your body releases an egg, you might find that your vulva has more moisture than usual – but as your hormones dip after the release of the egg, the lowered oestrogen can lead your vulva to become drier and more easily irritated. Heightened stress and the approach of menopause can also lead to your vulva feeling uncomfortable. 

Remember, what’s normal for you is different from what’s normal for everyone else. You know your vagina and vulva better than anyone else, and what feels good for you. This is where monitoring your cycle can be helpful in working out what your own normal is. 

How should I be cleaning down there?

There’s no need to do anything to the inside of your vagina. As it’s self-cleaning, it usually maintains its ideal pH on its own – isn’t that amazing? You can still want to offer your vulva and the surrounding skin some extra care, and it’s fine to wash with warm water or a mild, unscented soap. But at the end of the day, your vagina doesn’t have to smell floral or scented – it’s just skin. 

I’m feeling a little irritated – what should I do? 

If your vulva is feeling dry or irritated, you can use a product such as our I Touch Myself serum, specially formulated for the skin around your vulva. With CBD and botanical extracts, it can help reduce the irritation and dryness that naturally occurs with your hormonal fluctuations. 

Nicki WIlliams, our resident hormone expert, loves I Touch Myself for those that are perimenopausal. “The revolutionary serum is a miracle for peri-menopausal women who might be suffering from dryness, irritation or itchiness in that delicate area.”

Mild irritation is normal for lots of people, but if you experience continued and painful irritation, make sure you see a medical professional as you might be experiencing an infection such as thrush or BV. It’s important to seek medical advice if you’re in any kind of pain.