Messages from the Moon: Episode 02

Messages from the Moon: Episode 02

29th October 2021

It’s officially Scorpio season. Happy birthday in advance if your birthday falls between October 23rd - November 21st.  

We take flight in the season of the Phoenix. Maya Angelou once said “We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty” The opportunity for renewal, regeneration and transformation is open to us all. Scorpio season takes us on a voyage to tune into the rhythms of our evolving natures. The north star for this zodiac sign, is the deep exploration of our wholeness in order to make friends with our insecurities. 

The Scorpio realm encourages us to delve into the unknown chambers of our minds. When we dance with our fears, we begin to understand that they are illusionary characters. Our perceptions are heightened and our menstruation cycle during this astrological phase is to be treated with the ultimate TLC. 

November 4th - New Moon in Scorpio    - RESET

Brace yourself, this New Moon in Scorpio is in opposition to Uranus. Uranus personifies the planet of “unexpected change” Expect radical truths to be revealed and perhaps, you may find some missing pages of a script that completes the “story” New Moon’s can open new chapters, and it wouldn’t surprise me if a new cycle in your intimate relationships is initiated. 

During the RESET phase, you may feel more sensitive and irritable as you approach your period. My personal advice is to sit and observe, as this isn’t the appropriate time for action. 

November 11th - First Quarter Moon in Aquarius  - FLOW

Honouring your authenticity is the main theme under this Moon phase. This first quarter Moon boosts our urges to focus on our individual paths. Creating our own blueprint for our lives is the key to liberating ourselves from the need to seek external validation. No one can see your vision, because no one is you. Own your path. If you’re bleeding on this cycle, honour your need to incubate, the world awaits your return. 

November 19th - Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Taurus  - SOAR

Historically, Tibetan Buddhists advise us to meditate on the eclipse as this not only brings peace to ourselves, but to the world. This partial lunar eclipse in Taurus is in square aspect to the jubilant planet Jupiter .Open your heart to generosity. Sharing not only makes us feel good, but it adds gratitude to our lives. At this phase in your cycle, you’re feeling energetic and you may want to share it with the world. Extend your hand to someone who needs it, you’ll be rewarded in priceless intangible ways. Scientifically in the SOAR phase, the levels of FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) are climbing in your body alongside oestrogen.

November 21st - Sun enters Sagittarius

Scorpio season has dug up our psychological bones, in order to bring us closer to experiencing true intimacy with ourselves and another. The Sagittarius cycle infuses this new astro season with “wisdom” Setting our ego to the side, this fire zodiac figure innately understands that there is a greater plan, beyond the goals we’ve set for ourselves.

‘Faith can move mountains’ is the mantra for this Jupiter ruled sign. Ask yourself ‘how can I pour into my cup of faith?’ That book staring at you on your window sill, may deliver you an unexpected message. 

November 27th - Last quarter Moon in Virgo  - TRANSFORM

This last quarter Moon encourages us to strip away habits that may be hindering our progress. Virgo is assigned to restore us by incorporating more mindfulness techniques into our routine. Not only that, Virgo also rules our digestive system. Extensive research has shown that we have a “second brain” in our gut, which influences our mind-body connection. Tapping into our body wisdom under this Moon phase will inspire us to make necessary dietary and exercise shifts. In the TRANSFORM phase, you’re likely to make changes that will stick. Simply make love to your gut.


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