Messages from the moon: Episode 03

Messages from the moon: Episode 03

29th November 2021

The Sagittarius sign teaches us the deeper meanings behind the words we speak and the choices we make. Remember, one conversation can change the trajectory of your life. In the film “Mr. Nobody” the main protagonist relays the passage ‘Every path is the right path. Everything could have been anything else, and it would have just as much meaning’

Chop wood and gather your loved ones around a campfire. Tell a story that is full of twists and turns, but which tells the tale of the human evolutionary journey. We all love a folktale that enriches the minds of the youth, laced with fables the adults can equally absorb. The menstrual cycle mirrors the rhythms and seasons of the Earth. Once we begin to appreciate our cycle as part of our inner guidance system, we give ourselves permission to heal hormonal imbalances.

December 4th - New Moon eclipse in Sagittarius   - RESET

This is the last New Moon eclipse in Sagittarius that we’ll be experiencing for quite some years to come. It’ll be tightly aspecting the planet Mercury, which is known by many for its notorious retrograde reputation. For this eclipse, expect synchronistic messages in the communication airwaves.

Give your calendar some extra room to breathe. Be intentional with your commitments, as you may feel more receptive to outside energies.

December 10th - First Quarter Moon in Pisces  - FLOW

Immerse yourself into the chambers of your imagination. Scientific experiments have proven that our nervous system cannot tell the difference between an imagined or ‘real’ experience (Maxwell Maltz author of Psycho-Cybernetics) Your creative juices are heightened, so be sure to follow the trail and dream big. 

If you’re bleeding on this cycle, close the curtains and lower the volume of the outside noise. There are new seas to sail in your time of deep introspection. 

December 18th - Full Moon in Gemini  - SOAR

Full Moon’s honour the cyclical nature of existence, when each chapter closes a new door opens. If Gemini was an archetypal figure, it would fit the role of the ‘strategist’ In astrology Gemini is the sign of mental creativity. This Full Moon may trigger an overflow of new ideas to execute in 2022. 

Ask yourself these two questions: 

What ideas have you buried that are waiting for instructions for them to spring to life? 

What old beliefs are no longer in resonance with your goals?

In the SOAR phase you’re feeling extra energetic and sociable, so don’t be surprised if you’re in the mood to go out 

December 26th- Last quarter Moon in Libra  - TRANSFORM

The last quarter moon phase bridges the gap between where we are and where we aim to be. Subtle prompts to make necessary adjustments to our plans emerge. In this partnership-ruled sign Libra, it asks us to take on a solution-based approach. This is a cosmic time to bounce back ideas with a friend as they’ll open new perspectives for you. 

This time around, the TRANSFORM phase says to sift through all of your options with a close confidant before you make any permanent decisions. 


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