Messages from the Moon: Episode 01

Messages from the Moon: Episode 01

1st October 2021

Struggling to sleep on that full moon? But what does that mean? Well, the moon phases and your phases are more aligned then you think...

From ancient times some cultures have referred to women having their menstrual periods as being on “their Moon” (Dr Christane Northrup; women’s wisdom and women’s bodies) The word ritual comes from the Sanskrit root word 'rtu', meaning “menstrual blood” The story that the Moon tells is of birth, growth, wholeness, completion and rebirth. The Moon phase is divided into four phases. The Waxing Moon, The Full Moon, The Waning Moon and The New Moon. These four cycles also mirror the menstruation cycle phases; follicular, ovulatory, luteal and menstrual. 


Length: 11-27 days 

The Waxing Moon embodies the first gestation process of entering a new cycle. It brings increased awareness of our movement and direction within our relationships, personal projects and our creative spirit. This coincides with the beginning of the Flow phase in the menstruation cycle, where Oestrogen and Progesterone levels are low. A part of your brain called the ‘pituitary gland’ produces two hormones: follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LSH). The FSH hormone stimulates the follicle which is holding an immature egg in preparation for the ovulation phase. 


Length: 2-3 days 

Going back to many centuries ago, communities spent much of their time outdoors, which gave them maximum exposure to the sun. Naturally, they were attuned to the relationship of the Sun and Moon. Women were more likely to ovulate at the Full Moon. In the Soar phase, an egg is released from the ovaries into the fallopian tube. Senses are heightened, and the body tends to be more receptive to external energies. In fact, in some spiritual practices, they even share each other’s dreams as a sacred practice around the Full Moon. Chemically, Oestrogen and Progesterone are at its peak which mirrors the full light of the Moon. This timeframe gifts you to complete projects and release those which are no longer in alignment.   


Length: 12-14 days 

With the dark phase of the Moon, Progesterone and Oestrogen levels decrease, causing the uterine lining to shrink and decompose. The typical symptoms of PMS, makes its customary appearance. Embrace all of your feelings, and don’t judge yourself in the process. Go with the motions, in the same fashion as the Moon changes the tides. 

Interestingly, if you bleed on the Full Moon, it is said you are insync with the “Red Moon” flow, whereas the New Moon bleed is said to embody the “White Moon” cycle. White Moon cycles folk may want to sit in their creative juices, whereas the red moon cycle bunch may want to create within their community. ( )


Length: 3-7 days 

The New Moon ignites and opens us up to breathe in fresh insights to embrace new beginnings. Finding your inner stillness during your Reset phase will allow you to tap into your true desires. Spend some time in nature as this can get you into a rhythm with your creative flow state. If your flow begins on the Full Moon, your body will now begin the process of closing the menstrual phase. However, if you begin to bleed on the New Moon, you’re able to surrender to the needs of your body to hunker down into hibernation mode.   

If you’d like to know if you’re a Red Moon or White Moon cycle, use a Moon cycle website and write down where you are in your cycle in relation to the Moon. After a few months, you’re likely to see a pattern. Honour the natural cycles of your body, and keep a diary of the wisdom that is shared with you during these phases. 


Sade is an intuitive astrologer life coach. Her mission is to use astrology as a source of healing, wisdom, and self-discovery. Through studying the ancient practice of Astrology, it has further awakened her inner divinity, and purpose as an intuitive channeler. 


Instagram: @theastrologyvixen