What are the 4 phases of my cycle?

What are the 4 phases of my cycle?

5th September 2021

FEWE has done the research into each phase of your cycle so that we can help you get to know what’s going on with your body. 56% of people feel negative or very negative about their monthly cycle, and we want to shed more light on the good bits (and the bad!) that can come with your hormones, so that you can understand the science of yourself even more. We’re breaking the cycle of negativity.

Your cycle can be broadly broken down into four key stages – Flow (your period), Soar (proliferation), Transform (ovulation), and Reset (secretion). 


Flow is the stage that people most commonly associate their cycle – the period. The lining of your uterus is being shed, and common symptoms include cramping and heightened emotions.

The period gets a bad rep, but it’s not all bad. Your brain is hypersensitive during this time, which can heighten your emotional intuition – if a difficult decision has been weighing on you, now might be the time to give it a think through. Your focus is also balanced during Flow, and you’re in the sweet spot between realistic expectations and idealism. Now is the time to set some goals and think ahead, and you’ll be able to do so with clarity. 

Some people that have a period experience endometriosis, a condition that can worsen period pain and bleeding. Even though there are positives to your Flow phase, many people struggle with this time, and that’s okay. Take this phase as an opportunity to slow down and make sure that you’re extra gentle with yourself.  


In your Soar phase, you have an extra boost of confidence – this is your time to shine. Now’s your chance to make headway on that big work project or to push your weights at the gym – your physical and emotional resilience is at its highest, and your body is at its prime point to make both physical and mental progress. You’re feeling extra energetic and sociable, so don’t be surprised if you’re in the mood to go out out. 

Nicki Williams, our hormone expert, emphasises that this is a time in your cycle that your hormones will be working to make you feel great. “With high energy, good mood, focus and sex drive you can feel unstoppable!”

At this phase in your cycle, the levels of FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone) are climbing in your body alongside oestrogen. Your skin is thriving, as the rise in oestrogen increases the collagen and hyaluronic acid production in your skin. Focus on maintaining the glow that you’ve already got coming from within with our Get Up and Glow serum. 


At this time of the month, you’re feeling superhuman, and your sex drive peaks to match. Even though you might be in the mood, you’re also feeling calm and reflective – this is your most powerful cycle phase, especially because you’re able to get deeper and more restful sleep than at any other point in the month.

You’re going through a lot of hormonal changes in the phase, with LH (luteinizing hormone) and oestrogen peaking in your body, the release of an egg, and the dip of those hormones afterwards as progesterone rises.  As the hormones in your body change, you’ll start to feel more tired as you enter into a time of recovery and rest. When your oestrogen lowers, you might feel some itchiness and irritation in your vulva, so rebalance down there with our I Touch Myself serum, specially formulated to support delicate skin. 

As your hormones shift you might feel some ups and downs, so make sure to keep in tune with how you’re feeling by practicing regular check-ins. 


This can be a challenging time of the month, as your mood switches to being lower and more anxious as you approach your period. Some people experience PMS symptoms, which can include cramping, breast tenderness, and all-over aches. 

The key to managing your Reset stage is focusing on rest while your mind and body reset and move towards your period. Now’s the time to pull out all of the stops with your self-care – run yourself a hot bath, and get some gentle movement in with yoga to support your body with endorphins.

70% of people also experience acne in this phase (hello, period spots), so you might want to bring in some products to manage your skin’s oil production. We’d recommend our Spot the Difference anti-blemish serum to help you fight any unwanted visitors.