Why should I care about my cycle?

Why should I care about my cycle?

5th September 2021

According to our research, only 31% of people in the UK understand that their cycle is a month-long process, and yet it’s something that a large proportion of people will have at some point in their lives. Many people think about their cycle only in relation to the process of menstruation, but it’s something that impacts us at every point of the month. Cycle care isn’t just period products, it’s products to support you through all of the hormonal changes going on within.

To Nikki Williams, hormone expert, one of the biggest misconceptions that people have about their cycles is that they have no control over how their hormones make them feel. “Almost everything you do on a daily basis can affect how your hormones behave, so there is a lot you’re in control of. Knowing your body better is the way to get back control.”

“Your cycle is complex and is not just about PMS or a period. You need to look after each phase in order to have a healthy cycle with no drama.”

Knowing about the impact your cycle can have on you is the difference between noticing that you’re sleeping badly and understanding why that’s happening. We’ve all had moments where we feel bad and don’t know why, but often our cycle is the culprit. While PMS, your period, and breakouts are all well-known parts of your cycle, there’s a lot more to it – susceptibility to pain, feeling extra confident, appetite, and your ability to focus are all tied to your cycle. A huge portion of your emotional and physical well being directly corresponds with your cycle, and so understanding it is a step towards understanding yourself even more.

FEWE has broken the cycle down into four key phases – Flow, Soar, Transform, and Reset – to help you understand every part of the month in simple terms, and build cycle care that works for you. You can learn about these key phases here. Getting informed will help you make the most of each stage and understand what’s going on in your body and emotions, empowering you to harness your cycle and take actions based on where you’re at. Learning more about your hormones is a smart and effective form of self-care, and we want to help you on your journey to understanding the science of yourself. 

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