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Thirst Trap

Skin's feeling a little parched? Our rich, moisturising serum supports your skin thro...

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Get Up and Glow

A brightening serum full of Vitamin C, designed to help boost the natural radiance o...

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Seeking Clarity

A cleansing serum to de-clog your pores and reduce oil build-up brought on by peakin...

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Spot The Difference

A mattifying serum packed with CBD and salicylic acid to reduce redness, minimise oi...

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Don't Cramp My Style

A blend of adaptogens with a watermelon flavour. A spritz of this watermelon flavoured...

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Take a Deep Breath

This minty fresh adaptogen spray is the answer to tiredness, stress or lower mood mome...

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Dream a Little Dream

Late nights, early mornings, struggling to sleep? It's a never ending cycle. One that...

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I Touch Myself

Uncomfortable vulva and don't know why? A gentle serum that reduces irritation, itchi...

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Eau So Happy

We bottled a feeling. You deserve to feel good all month long. Eau So Happy has functi...

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Calm Balm

A soothing eucalyptus, lavender and CBD balm that melts into your body and reduces m...

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