Don't Cramp My Style

Ease away cramps with our anti-inflammatory oral spray. 10ml

Top Rated

What it is: An anti-inflammatory oral vitamin spray to stop you cramping up.


How it works: Nothing kills a vibe like period pain. But what if it could be sprayed away? With muscle relaxing magnesium, swelling reducing Zinc and immune boosting Vitamin A, Don’t Cramp My Style relieves tension when cramps strike. Even better - it tastes like watermelon. You’re welcome.


Directions for use: When you feel menstrual pain, spray Don’t Cramp My Style 1 - 2 times directly into the mouth for a moment of comfort. Use a maximum of 8 sprays a day.

Work With Your Cycle:



FEWE has developed products to work with the phases of your cycle. We've pinpointed areas of focus and carefully crafted products that support you all month long.



Intuitive, holistic ingredients are key to FEWE, and CBD plays a vital part in our cycle solutions. We combine cutting edge research with the latest innovation to bring you targeted and efficacious products.



Doing good, without causing harm is important to us. All of our products are certified Vegan & Cruelty Free.

Anyone suffering from cramps before or during their period could do well to have Don’t Cramp My Style by the bed. Magnesium is a great muscle relaxer so helps to reduce painful cramps and Zinc and Vitamin A can help to reduce inflammation.'

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