We created The Menstrual Revolution report to help close the education gap around menstrual cycle health and to help demonstrate how our hormone fluctuations affect our daily wellbeing, looking in depth in particular at our sexual wellness, mental wellness, physical wellness and sleep.

The education gap we identified has inspired us to seek positive action to close it, and we found that due to social censorship this is a topic that is hard to publicly discuss.

Did you know “Vagina" is one of the most frequently flagged terms by Facebook and recent research from the Centre for Intimacy Justice in the US found that 100% of the women's health companies surveyed had experienced Facebook/Instagram ad rejection and 50% had experienced suspension of the entire account.

We experience this censorship in the UK, day in and day out and have drafted an open letter with a cohort of other Fem Tech brands and supporters to ask for policy change.

Following the launch of the letter and report, we hosted a Menstrual Revolution with a panel of great women in the industry to discuss our findings. Panellists include

FEWE Chief Brand Officer -Francesca Pearce-Higgs

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Luna Daily - Katy Cottam

HR consultant - Becky Hocking

Beauty Business Consultant, Journalist & Editor - Rhea Cartwright

FemTech Trend Forecaster - Rhiannon Jones

FEWE Chief Executive Officer - Rebekah Hall