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Thirst Trap

Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Serum

What it is: A radiance restoring Hyaluronic Acid serum designed to hydrate your sk...

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Get Up and Glow

Vitamin C brightening serum

What it is: A Vitamin C packed ĆɃƉ brightening serum for when your skin lacks o...

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Spot The Difference

Hormonal Acne Serum

What it is: A blemish-busting Salicylic Acid serum for when your skin is at its...

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Don't Cramp My Style Oral Spray

Cramp & Pain Relief

What it is: An anti-inflammatory oral vitamin spray to stop you cramping up.   How...

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Dream a Little Dream Oral Spray

Sleep-Regulating Oral Spray

What it is: A relaxing vitamin oral spray for when you just can’t drift off.   H...

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Take a Deep Breath Oral Spray

PMS Anxiety Relief

What it is: A calming oral spray for when you need a sigh of relief.   How it wor...

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Calm Balm

Cramp & Pain Relief

What it is: A soothing  stick that melts pain away.   How it works: Tension! Pa...

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Eau So Happy

Mood-Lifting Body Fragrance

What it is: A bespoke mood-lifting scent that supports you throughout your cycle....

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Skin Cycle Set

4 Serums For 4 Phases of Your Cycle

Optimise your skin throughout your menstrual cycle with this 4 week ĆɃƉ serum set...

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Emergency Cramp Kit

Cramp & Pain Relief

Meet your tool kit to get you through your aches and cramps. Spray 'Don't Cramp ...

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Sleep Essentials Kit

Ease Hormonal Insomnia

Your new bedside essentials. Hormonal changes during your cycle can affect your ...

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I Touch Myself Vulva Serum

Resolve Discomfort and Itchiness

What it is: A soothing botanical daily vulva serum that keeps things calm.    How ...

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