Eau So Happy

Mood-Lifting Body Fragrance

Elevate your day with our refreshing and relaxing wellness cologne. 50ml


What it is: A bespoke mood-lifting scent that supports you throughout your cycle.


How it works: Ever wanted to bottle Serotonin? Eau So Happy is designed to lift your spirits with every spritz, full of fresh and fruity notes that will pick you up, wind you down or just give you a bit of a boost. Yes, we bottled a feeling (and a good one, too).


Directions for use: Spray on your pulse points, take a deep breath and smile.

When In Your Cycle:
How does it work?



FEWE has developed products to work with the phases of your cycle. We've pinpointed areas of focus and carefully crafted products that support you all month long.



Intuitive, holistic ingredients are key to FEWE, and play a vital part in our cycle solutions. We combine cutting edge research with the latest innovation to bring you targeted and efficacious products.



Doing good, without causing harm is important to us. All of our products are certified Vegan & Cruelty Free.

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Who knew smelling good could also make you happy. This delicious mood boosting fragrance is packed with notes designed to uplift and bring joy all month long.

Fran Pearce-Higgs, FEWE

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