Get Up and Glow

Enhance your natural radiance with our brightening serum.

Top Rated

A brightening serum full of Vitamin C, designed to help boost the natural radiance of your skin and even out your skin tone.


CBD: CBD works with Vitamin C to support the reduction of irritation and redness. Your skin has never been softer or brighter.


Vitamin C: A powerful antioxidant that helps with hyper pigmentation and brightens.


Directions for use: Apply 2 pumps onto clean skin in the AM and PM. Follow up with moisturiser.

Work With Your Cycle:

"When we are ovulating, our oestrogen drops but our skin should still remain healthy and glowing. Get up and Glow boosts your natural glow and enhances the luminosity of the skin as it utilises skincare powerhouses Vitamin C and CBD." Dr Ewoma Ukeleghe

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